Two Finger Technique To Help Her Orgasm

Jason Julius is a wonderful sex teacher. Without having a Phd, he has authored alot of articles to make men better lovers and to help women achieve more orgasms. While this video is exceptional, I disagree regarding that women just like 2 fingers. But 2 fingers should work for you with alot of women. My experience is that this is varied between every woman. Some women love 1 finger, others like 3 or more.


2 Responses to “Two Finger Technique To Help Her Orgasm”

  1. i cannot seem to have an orgasm vaginally through g spot stimulation. it does not feel that stimulated .It does not build up high enough. perhaps it does not go on long enough? it seems to take forever, and vaginal orgasm does not happen. Maybe my mind is in the way, wanting it too much. Easy to orgasm clitorally and even squirted once that way, but never happened again.Should i try to get hypnotism ? I am 69, and still very hot and sexy. Young guys come after me, I look 50. My body is great and i am still pretty (some say beautiful) and so i am not an “old bag”. I wish I has someone who is like you who I could get together with to learn it. My first sexual experience was vaginal orgasm at age 16, but then changed to clitoral since i was afraid of pregnacy so omitted intercourse. i was trained differently then. I need UNTRAINING. I am trying to be anonymous,ski am using new email address. signed -ME

    • Dear Hun, Very honored that you found this blog and for your reply. Hope you like the rest of the funny stuff also on the blog. Short answer would be YES, I would think hypnotism and visualization can help you. Get some sexy music, take a bath, maybe glass of wine. A hot date with yourself ! But at least you can orgasm, and many women cannot orgasm except from the clit. But many cannot orgasm easy at all. Very good for you that you easily orgasm. If you squirted before, it is still there in you to be found, honest, I really believe this.
      Some toys can really help you come from inside, if you come up with your own pattern of release using them. As you know, I stopped selling most the adult toys, but still always recommended Doc Johnson toys for several reasons. They vouch being non-toxic but happen to be very nice. They have one white vibrator that is strong like a Hitachi and so strong inside your body that it can really help you get it on. I joke that it feels like a Harley Davidson inside me ! After that really strong vibe gets you going, THEN finger inside and see how that does. At 69, it is obvious that you are blessed with great genes and take good care of yourself. You will be hot at any age hun. Having your body release is so part of youthfulness. There is controvery over squirting, just as much is there is over the gspot on different women. I honestly believe a person’s “spot” is unique and different. For many, finding those spots are yet to be found and need their own special techniques. I also believe that stimulus can change. For instance, I used to hate having my clit slapped, but since masturbating more and more, I found that once I start squirting, I got my clit used to the slapping and that has helped. My body does not always like certain toys, or the slapping, it just depends on what day it is. For some it could be vigorously rubbing a lubricated clit, the most common, as you know. This 2 finger technique is informative, but I, like you do not “get off” that way. I also, like you, used to let my mind get in the way. Hynosis, yoga, etc can help get your mind into that unthinking meditation, a great practice for training the mind to focus on almost nothing.
      This response is alot of things you already know, but is also for other women who might read this. WOMEN, PLEASE POST !! Love you !!! I adamantly recommend for a women this theory: “Sexually, think like a man, as in “DON’T REALLY THINK” when masturbating…this is the key to release”. I squirt best by fast finger banging with clit rub and the toys are just an “H’Orderve”….Hope you have lots of hot “dates”
      my email is if you want to write my personal email

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